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"Entrepreneurs are not born but made. The sky is the limit and the only barrier is your knowledge."

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Is creating a Website/App very difficult?

It is now possible to create quickly with technology!

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Why type lines and lines of code?


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Or work with unintuitive interfaces


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If you can drag and drop your code?


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With Scaleuptechs.com, you can easily create a website/app even if you are only 7 years old. Nothing is impossible if you embrace technology.  Start young, start early and make your child’s creative journey smoother with digital technology.  

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Website Creator

  • Learn how to build a website with WordPress
  • Learn what is a WordPress Theme
  • Learn how to set and design a website using the ‘Plug and Play’ model
  • Learn how to make edits with WordPress
  • Create your own website
  • Course Duration: 6hrs

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App Creator

  • Learn what is an App and why is it important to know how to create Apps
  • Learn how to use ‘Plug and Play’ model to create your App without code
  • Learn how to use various App modules
  • Build your own App
  • Test run and edit your App on your own mobile phone
  • Course Duration: 6hrs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age for your programs?
7 year old is the recommended age for a child to pick up coding as this is the age that they are able to acquire foreign languages extremely rapidly.
What can my child benefit from this course?
After the course, your child will be able to launch his or her own website or App.
These are valuable digital tools that allow them to kickstart their creative journey, whether in coding or entrepreneurship.
Is the course hard?
The tools we use are all ‘Plug and Play’ solutions with minimal coding. It is easy to learn and also powerful enough to for them to set up a website or launch an app.
Why choose us?
We are a Design and Education hub that trains entrepreneurs to use digital tools to accelerate their entrepreneurship journey. Your child will be equipped with valuable tools for the 21st century. You will be amazed at how much your child can benefit from the early training.

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