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We build the IT infrastructure for you

Most of the time, entrepreneurs want to set up a business but don’t have any IT knowledge. Scaleuptechs.com are here to help you build your dream by building your back-end IT processes, leaving you with no worries to run your business.

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I Want This

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Unique Design

We build your website according to your needs and design

Higher IT Security

We enable HTTPS and secure web hosting for you

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Email Account Usage

We enable up to 3 email accounts for your company

Rank highly on Google searches

Your website will be pre-built with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) capabilities

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We Build Applications To Scale Your Business To New Heights

Why do you need a Mobile APP?
1) Be Visible to Customers at All Times
2) Create a Direct Marketing Channel
3) Provide Value to Your Customers
4) Build Brand and Recognition
5) Improve Customer Engagement
6) Stand Out From the Competition
7) Cultivate Customer Loyalty

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Contact Us For Quotes Now

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Our App Development Process

“Let us handle the nitty gritty of IT and spend more time concentrating on scaling your business.”

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“No idea is too small, and all sorts of ideas have potential to change the world.” – Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines

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What Our Customers Say

We help entrepreneurs open doors to endless possibilities

Hi Scaleuptechs Team, Thank you for the developing the app “Legends of Investing” for my company, it exceeds my expectations and I am amazed how your team can come up with the development so quickly. From development phase to UAT to implementing it live in Google playstore and Apple App Store. I want to also specially mentioned on their service and attitude towards me, simply brilliant. I do recommend startups and business owners to consider working with them if you are planning to come up with a mobile app for your company.

Jeremy Tan

Jeremy Tan

| Founder of Core Invest Institute

Scaleuptech has been very helpful in supporting my business growth since the very start. If you need help to creating an app or website, look no further! Tony has been especially helpful in accomodating to my constant requests for redos and change, taking my feedback with a positive attitude. It has been a pleasure working with the team.

 Paul Chong

Paul Chong

| Founder of Fitizen

Ever since i joined scale up team. It’s a very enjoyable journey for me,not only that we have an firmly rooted relationship within each other.All of us are unique in their own ways
Likewise it’s very hard to find such a wonderful people around this few days in the society.
Words can’t describe how i felt about this scale up creator,all i can say we are a mighty warriors and we can create a powerful stuff with the effort of joyful people.

Charles Tan

Charles Tan

| Founder of TechAble

I feel that the entrepreneurship coaching is very structured and helpful in guiding people step by step to achieve the objective of the start up. Tony is a very dedicated business coach who is willing to make the sacrifices to bring out the success of other people. He is capable of critical thinking and tend to ask the right kind of questions to help people reflect in their projects.



| Founder of G-Commerce

Being a startup and a full-time entrepreneur, I’ve realized the importance of leverage. Personally worked with the people here at scaleuptech and am really glad I’ve joined because no one man is an island. Instead of working in a small team and taking in all the work, I found it’s best to concentrate on a specific skillset because you’ll only get better in that, and that will also directly help your clients as well when you level up. As scaleuptech is now growing faster, I am really lucky to have joined in the early stages! Entrepreneurs & businesses trying to climb faster and higher, join us!

Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan

| Co Founder Abundance Marketing and Consultancy

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Beautiful Look and Feel

Responsive App Screens

Simplified workflow

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Content Management

Easy To Setup

Quick Navigation

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iOS and Android capable

Launch your App On All Devices

We can write Apps in all major platforms (iOS and Android Play Store).  We can also integrate your database into one source for easy reference.

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Website design/ Web Hosting/ Email

Select from 3 package the items that fit your needs:

  1. Website Design
  2. Web Hosting
  3. HTTPS enabled 
  4. SEO optimisation
  5. Email accounts
  6. Entrepreneurship Coaching

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Purchase Now

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App Design

If you have an idea, but lack the coding skill, we can build an APP for you.  The price range is from 500 SGD onwards (depending on the capabilities and functions you require).  Contact us now for more information!






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Contact Us For Quote

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Our Team

Creating Solutions for You

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Lay Ching

Lay Ching


Plans and runs operations for Scaleup Technologies.

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Our Partners

Happy Clients who have benefited from our services!

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